Zig-zag model railway - as it was in December 2011 , Bo Justusson
Restart 2011 After a pause for several years, I have taken up the work on my zig-zag layout.
I have added some buildings and started to paint the mountains and vegetation.
It remains to add grass turf, bushes, trees, and track ballast.
Left side The nearest track is a passing line that can connect to oneTrak modules.
The other tracks are for a museum line from a valley station (Walthers) up to a castle, by a zig-zag track.
The museum also has a double-decker bus (Matchbox), and two planes: Fokker Dr I (Revell) and Sopwith Camel.
Layout size: 30x120 cm. N-scale. 9 mm gauge.
Right side The castle is made from a Schreiber paper model, Stolzeneck.
The small station depot is Sigtuna old town house.

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Last updated 1 December 2011