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Finland Aviation Map 1951, and AWY-AD-NDB 1938-1951       ( Enlarge maps with Ctrl-'+' )

1. Aeronautical Chart for Suomi-Finland 1951 (below)
- It shows airways (AWY), airports (AD) and NDB radio beacons.
- Best equipped were:
  AWY 3 (Rovaniemi-Helsinki, N-S) and
  AWY 1 (Helsinki-Mariehamn-Sweden, E-W)
- N.B. Light beacons were still in use in Mariehamn and Åbo,Turku !

2. 3. 4. Overview maps (right) -
  from year 1950?,  1948,  1938

- These maps display the development of aviation facilities in Finland. After WW2 one introduced airways with radio for communi­cation and navigation. Radio equipment was mass-produced during the war, and became more affordable and less heavy.

Links. References.
• Utility Forum, History - about NDBs in Finland, visits to sites, emitter photos!
  • Old maps - here maps 2. and 3.
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• Timo Meriluoto - Old Maps /
  Timo Meriluodon Vanhat Kartat

Large collection of scanned old maps. In Finnish but Chrome Translate works well.
  • Aviation maps / Ilmailukartat
- in 2015 four maps, here map 1. and 4.
  N.B. I have resized map 1. with 50%.

Updated: 17 March 2015
Bo Justussson, Stockholm
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2. Aviation facilities 1950?   (from Utility Forum)
- aerodromes, airways, radio stations,...
- this map corresponds closely to the large map 1. below.
3. NDB and SBA 1948   (from Utility Forum)
- NDB (radiomajakka) in Raahe, Jungsund, Parkano, Vehmaa, Nummela, Järvenpää, Puistola (Locator).

- SBA in Kemi, Vaasa, Turku, Helsinki
  SBA = Standard Beam Approach, Lorenz radio landing system,
  with direction beam, but not glide path beam, see • Lorenz, SBA
4. Aviation facilities 1938   (from Timo Meriluato site)
- 11 aerodromes with radio stations.
- Radio beacons in Turku, Hanko, Helsinki, Kotka.
- Light beacons in Mariehamn, Kumlinge, Iniö, Turku, Helsinki.
- Seaplane aerodromes: Kokkola, Mariehamn, Turku, Helsinki, Kotka, Viipuri.
Use Ctrl-'+' to enlarge!   Map from A.

Map 1. Aeronautical Chart - Suomi-Finland 1951   published by Ministry for Communications, 1951.   (copy from Timo Meriluato site, here resized 50%, file size from 34 Mb to 9 Mb!)