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a DE Schaffhausen, and in SW Rheinfall (water fall, 150m wide) Reichanau island in Untersee, through which Rhein passes. Kreutzlingen-Kon­stanz(DE) at Boden­see NW. Mai­nau 6km N Romanshorn, harbour, Bodensee. DE Deutschland,DE Germany,DE
b Baden town at river Limmat, wooden bridge, bath (old!) Zürich Airport Int. Kloten 9km N Zü. Dübendorf Mil.Air Museum 7km E Z. Winterthur town, 104 000 inh. Industrial. Sankt Gallen town 74 000 inh. Old cath­edral. Station. Stadium. Altenrhein Air­port, at Bodensee, detailed in AFS. Mil. air museum. Rhein outflow in Bodensee. E Bregenz(AT), N Lindau(DE). AT AT
c Birrfeld Airport 6km W Baden, detailed in AFS, small, L=690m Zürich, largest, 400 000 inh. in commune, and 1.8M in region. Mts: Hörnli 1133m, Höch­hand 1314m. Rappers­will SE of Zürichsee Wattwil town, in Rickenbach valley. Mountains, Säntis 2502m Diepoldsau, Rhein river loop. East of Rhein is Austria AT AT Österreich,AT
d Emmen_airfield. Luzern old town, Vier­waldstätter See. Transport museum. Zug at N end of lake Zugersee Einsiedeln mone­stary - large, in baroque-style (air photo) Schänis Airfield sailplanes, soaring. Walensee lake. Mollis airfield S. Sargans - Region is called Heidi­land after Johanna Spyri's book Heidi. Vaduz capital of Liechtenstein, east of Rhein. AT Austria,AT
e Alpnach Airp.Mil. Pilatus Mt.2121m Buochs airfield Kägiswill airf. Brunnen town, east end of Vier­wald­stätter See, with steam boats! Mountains: Drusberg 2282m, Bös Fulen 2802m, Glärnisch 2914m. Linthal valley: Klausen pass (1948m) - Linth - Glarus - Wesensee. Mountains: Ringel­spitz 3247m, Graue Hörner 2844m Landquart town at Rhein river. Valley southeast to Klosters AT AT
f Meiringen Airp. with F/A-17, F-5. - Sher­lock Hol­mes "died" nearby. Altdorf, Reuss valley. Wil­helm Tell! East to Klau­sen pass 1948m Mountains: Ober­alpstock 3328m, Tödi 3614m. Mts. Haus­stock 3158m, Vorab 3028m. / Ilanz in Rhein valley. Rhein rivers join - 10km W of Chur - main town in Grau­bünden. Davos, ski resort in Land­wasser valley. Book: Zauber­berg by Thomas Mann. Mountains. Flüela Pass (2383m). - Vereina railway tunnel 19km!. Scuol town at Inn river in Unter­enga­din valley, leads to Austria.
g Gletsch "cross": W to Rhone valley. E to Furka pass. N to Meiringen. Andermatt "cross": W to Furkapass. S to St.Gotthard. E to Oberalppass Disentis town, in Vorder­rhein valley. High mountains in S and N. Mountains: Piz Aul 3121m, Brusch­ghorn 3056m. Hinter­rhein valley Thusis town, valleys to S and SE. High mountains around. Samedan Airport 2km N St.Moritz. NW to Albula pass and Thusis. Zernez town, in Ober Engadin valley. National park 172 km2. Sta. Maria town, in Münster valley

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