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POI - Points of Interest - in map grid:

P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (9)
a FR FR FR FR FR FR Deutschland,DE Germany,DE (Overlap of_NE)
b FR France,FR Frankreich FR - - Basel town, 166 000 inh.. Old Town. Airport not in AFS. - Baden
c FR FR FR ?? Porrentruy   town in Jura Gorges (Schlucht) - SW and E of Moutier town - with railway. Passwang mountain 1204m. Serpentine road up to pano­rama view. Aarau town, at river Aare Birrfeld Airp small 6km W Baden
d FR Les Eplatures Airfield only 3km W ChauxdeF. laChaux-de-Fonds town, clock fac­tories since 18th century, museum. Chasseral mountain 1607m. Panorama. Jura mountains. Biel town, north of Bieler See Grenchen Airfield. 10km W Solothurn town Sursee town N of Sempachersee. Hallwilersee S Luzern
e FR FR Jura mountains. FR border Neuchatel town, at Lac de Neuchatel (lake) north side - vineyards! Twannbach­schlucht (gorge). Murder site in book by Dürren­matt. Bern, capital, 128 000 inh. Old Town "inside" Aare river. Emmental valley, Langnau town. Cheese district. Napf, mountain 1408m. Alpnach Airp mil. 10km S Luzern
f FR Jura mountains, SW end. Yverdon town, SW end of Lac de Neu­chatel. N11km Mt Chas­seron 1607m Payerne Airport, main military air base with F/A-15, F5, + Museum. Ecuvillens Air­field - 5km S of Fribourg town at Saane river. Bern Regional Airport in Belp 6 km S Bern. Thun town, at NW end of Thuner See. Brienz town. Railway up to Rothorn 2350m. Brienzer­see(lake) Mei­ringen Airp. mil.

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How-to: Click in POI-list or in BaseMap: First a start airport, then a sequence of Way-Points, auto-added! When ready click WP Compute.
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