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Recreating Famous DC-3 Flights in Sims, Leif Ohlsson's blogg

Leif O recreates flights to/from Sweden in XP11. He mixes planning, flying, historical facts, airfield data, and also creates XP11-addons to increase realism.
He publishes new texts successively, several each week. - Interesting! Read!

His flights during April-June 2019:
  ABA Swedish air lines company flights 1940,  at Forums.X-Plane.org
  Downloads for XP11: NEW 2019-06-06
  DC-3,C-47 by Aeroworx, X-plane.org, 106MB free.
  Repaints: Swedish ABA and SAS, by Leif Ohlsson, 43MB zip
- Soon also Leif's old airfield sceneries.

And Leif has plans to use my Light-beacon-addons
- and recreate mail flights!
- One flight was from Torslanda to Oslo/Fornebu:   - click for larger images -
  X-Plane 11 with addons - Flight: with C-47/DC-3 and Airports "1940s"

DC-3 used in Sweden by ABA and SAS. - Plus Leif O's Recreated Flights, for same time periods

DC-3 Aircrafts - Leif O's XP11-liveries Facts Recreated Flights
ABA "Höken" (Eagle), pre WW2, 1937-

  - click for larger images -
ABA "AB Aerotransport" was founded in 1924.
The first years, ABA used aircrafts from Junkers:
- Ju F13, Ju G23, Ju W33/34, Ju 52/3m.

In 1937-1940 one bought five DC-3:
- 1937 SE-BAA "Örnen" (Eagle)
- 1937 SE-BAB "Höken" (Hawk)
- 1937 SE-BAC "Falken" (Falcon)
- 1939 SE-BAF "Gladan" (Kite)
- 1940 SE-BAG "Gripen" (Griffin)
KLM 1930s routes to Scandinavia.
- Leif's flights from Jan-Feb 2019. - Read it!
ABA "Höken" (Hawk), WW2 1939-
  text SWEDEN + flag
ABA continued with some international flights during WW2, see Refs.

Aircrafts were painted to show they came from neutral Sweden. From 1939 with large text "Sweden" + painted flag. For "courier flights" in total orange, see Refs.

Variant: no flag
• The ABA Swedish air lines company flights 1940
- Leif's recreated flights, began April 2019 and ongoing in May/June - Read it!
ABA "Falken" (Falcon), WW2 1940-(?)
  neutrality orange (on Ju 52 1939-)
Two Swedish DC-3 were shot down by German fighters during WW2. Despite the orange colour:

- On 27/28 of August 1943 "Gladan" disapperared over the North Sea, when flying from Scotland to Sweden.

- On 22 October 1943 "Gripen" was shot down close to the Swedish west coast, Only 2 out of 15 persons onboard survived.

After that, planes flew fully lighted.
RAF "Balchen Operations" flights 1944-45 to and from Sweden. - A military DC-3 tested different routes to UK. Purpose was to get emergency landed UK and US pilots back to UK. - Leif's flights from Jan 2019 - Read it!
ABA "Örnen" (Eagle) post WW2, 1945- (?)
  ABA logo and blue lines
After WW2 ABA painted its aircrafts with blue lines and an ABA logo.

Variant: blue-yellow fin
QUESTION: Years for paint schemes, are they correct?
SAS "Daisy", post WW2,
  SAS dragon paint scheme, 1948- (?)
SAS "Scandinavian Airlines System" was founded in 1946 as a cooperation of airline companies in Sweden (ABA), Denmark, and Norway. They used many DC-3, and soon also DC-4 for routes to USA.

- Click for larger images! -
Daisy is a preserved and flight-worthy DC-3 stationed in Västerås. Read about present flights:
  • Flygande Veteraner, sve,
  • GT: Flying Veterans, eng, GT=Google Translate

Congo Queen. Åke Jansson's DC-3 with flights organized by Vallentuna Aviators. Real photo + In sim over NY:



Remark: Some details in the paint schemes were slightly different for the real aircrafts,
e.g. during WW2 there was a large text "SWEDEN" also under the fuselage.

It is difficult to change textures for 3D-models!
Leif and Bo Ju have as goal to get an "old-time feeling" when flying, and that still works!

Zip-files for addons

Zip-files for Leif O's addons are found in his pages, with links to Mediafire.
- I will add some of his zip's here soon.


Refs. Notes.

• Book "ABA 20 years" ("På säkra vingar. 20 års lufttrafik"), 1944
    p 32 Routes to Helsingfors, Copenhagen, Berlin were open some years during WW2.
    p 148-150 on DC-3 for courier flights. Gripen, Gladan, Falken were used.

• Book "Kurirflyg", L-A Nilsson, L A Sandberg, 1994
    p 77 "Gripen" orange when it started its courier flights in 1942.

• Newspaper notice 1939-11-21, via Lars Sundin.
    Courier flights to begin in 1939, with Ju 52 in orange colour.

These fact updates via answers in
  • SFF Forum: ABA colour schemes?, sv.

• Book "Flyg i natt", Marshall Lindholm, 1952
    p 15-16. The route to Amsterdam was upheld 1939-1940, during WW2!
.     1939 with text SWEDEN plus flag. From 1940 DC-3 orange painted.
    p 32. The orange colour was kept when "courier flights" started in 1942.
    Scanned pages: 7-17, 30-46, 9 photos.

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