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Old Airports in Southern Scandinavia
- Photos, Maps, and Addons for X-Plane 11

Airports in the 1930s-1940s had much less equipment than modern airports - less lighting and simpler runways and taxiways. When we want to fly vintage style, we need simplified airports.

Here a collection of important airfields in southern Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (Finland will be added later).

XP11-sceneries made by Leif Ohlsson, Gothenburg, for his travel tales with DC-3 in XP11:
"Recreating historical flights with Aeroworx DC-3"
Read them at x-plane.org forum (Links to be added!)

Maps added by Bo Ju, who also made Jönköping AD in XP11.

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Vintage airports:
• ES_1940s_Airports_v1.0_20190511.zip
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Night Mail Flight scenery: Light beacons, NDBs,...
• ES_Old_Beacons_ver2019b.zip
List of airports in current set.
Tips: Select airport in XP11: write "1940s"

Vintage Airports - Basic Facts and old Maps

Airport Facts Photos Maps 1938 Maps 1957
Bulltofta, Malmö - ESMM
1923 Opens
1952 Asphalt rwys
1972 Closed, replaced by Sturup ESMS.

Remark: Largest in Sweden until 1936!

• Wiki, en Bulltofta Airport

- Book: "Flyget på Bulltofta 1919-1972", Grundberg & Stridsberg (2004)

• My page about Bulltofta, GT

To-day: Hangar 2 preserved.
Bulltofta hangar 2, built 1926

Terminal,tower, 1940,photo G.Lundh

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Torslanda, Göteborg - ESGB
1923 Opens, land and sea
1941-46 Asphalt rwys
1977 Closed, replaced by Landvetter ESGG.

• Wiki, en Torslanda Airport

- Book: "Torslanda: flygplatsen på framsidan", Grundberg & Andersson red. (2007)

To-day: Terminal and towers (2!) remain.
Torslanda "Blue hangar", 1930s

Terminal & tower, 1940s
Bromma, Stockholm - ESSB
1936 Opens
1936 Asphalt rwys, 4!

To-day: In use, one rwy 12/30.
  Old hangar with tower remains.

1961 Arlanda ESSA opens, main AD for Stockholm.

• Wiki, en Bromma Airport

- Book: "Bromma Flygplats - flyg, folk och händelser 1936-1996", M. Sanz (1996)
Bromma, at opening 1936

Kastrup, Copenhagen - EKCH
1934 Opens, land and sea
1941 Asphalt rwy.  1948 4 rwys.

To-day: Still open, now 3 Rwys
  Lauritzen terminal preserved.

• Wiki, en Kastrup Airport
- Book: "Til vejrs – Københavns Lufthavn i 75 år", J. Cortzen (2000)
Air photo, 1920s

Old terminal, built 1925

Lauritzen terminal, built 1939

1938 (two maps)         Map 1948

AD chart 2019, here rotated N-S
source: AIP Denmark
Fornebu, Oslo - ENFB
1939 Opens, land and sea
1939 Asphalt rwys
1998 Closed, replaced by Gardermoen ENGM

• Wiki.en Fornebu airport
• Oslo lufthavn Fornebu, K-E Skarning

- Photos: • Oslobilder.no - Fornebu
- Book: "Oslo lufthavn Fornebu 1939–1989", T. Wisting (1989).
Fornebu 1939, small terminal

ca 1950, larger terminal+hangar

Postcards by Karl Harstad.
- Air photo 1939-40, digitaltmuseum.no
- Map 1940s, with German aircrafts.
1950 ICAO chart

Source: • kartverket.no Historiske kart, search Akershus amt.
Jönköping City airport - ESGY*
1935 Opens
Grass field only
1961 Closed, replaced by Jönk. Axamo ESGJ

• My page about Jönköping's old airport, GT

• SFF "The old airfield in Jönköping", Åke Svenneborg, (2009), GT

To-day: No buildings preserved.
Air photo, 1934

Terminal 1950s, photo E.Andersson

1950s, Linjeflyg, photo B.Johansson
Norrköping, Kungsängen - ESSP
1934 Opens
1947(ca) Asphalt rwy, "Atlant runway"
  built as bad weather reserve for Arlanda.

To-day: In use, charter flights

• Flygplats i 70 år, Norrköpings Tidningar (2004), pdf
1937, KLM DC-2, SFF

Örebro Gustavsvik, SE- ESOG, small grass airfield, now closed, replaced by ESOE. Kristianstad, NO - ENCN
No info yet.
Aalborg, DK - EKYT
small grass airfield in 1930s

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