Darjeeling Line - Loops , Bo Justusson
Loops The Darjeeling line uses both zigzags and loops. But has no tunnels, and only one large bridge (over the Mahanadi river).
This page has been updated using facts from the DHRS booklet "Going Loopy" (2005), see my page about zigzags on the Darjeeling line.

Chunbati loop (today loop No 1)
Old photo showing the double loop. Note that the track arrives at center right, and then runs around the houses and enters under the bridge and continues around the visible loop.
Photo source: The World's Railways and How They Work, p.14-15, London: Odhams Press Limited (1948).

Agony point (today loop No 2)

At Agony point (after Tindharia) the track runs very close to a steep mountain side. And the curve radius is only 18 metres.

Batasia loop (today loop No 3)

The famous double loop at Batasia, opened in 1919. The train gains 140 feet of vertical rise. Situated just after the highest station Ghum and the train descends down to Darjeeling.

Photo: N.E Frontiers Railways, 1950:ies.
Old loop

Old loop number one, just before Rangtong

This was once the first loop on the line.
It was modified in 1883 and then closed in 1991/92.
Photo from construction time (around 1882).
Old loop

(no image at present)

Old loop number two, 3 miles after Rangtong

This complex loop was destroyed in 1942 and was replaced by a zigzag (today zigzag No 1).

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