Lithgow Zig Zag Railway in Australia , Bo Justusson
Lithgow The Lithgow zigzag lies 150 km west of Sydney at the railway up to the Blue Mountains. It runs magnificently along a steep cliffside down to the valley floor. It was opened in 1869, but was replaced by a series of tunnels 1910 and with still a new track in 1980. The old zigzag is now a popular tourist line with old steam engines.

- Lithgow Zigzag Tourist Railway
- Their links to "Zigzag Railways Worldwide"

Track length: 6 km (4 miles) approx.
Grade 1:42
Viaducts: 3
Tunnels: 1
Map from Lithgow RR, somewhat modified.

Photo: Old, but photographer and year unknown to me.
Surce: Lithgow RR and Blue Mountain City Library.

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