Construction of My Zigzag Model Railway , Bo Justusson
Simple I have used very simple materials and tools in construction. Base is a styrofoam(?) board. Corrugated paper (from boxes) was cut into pieces and fastened with white glew to form the track basis and outline of the mountain sides. Then pieces of cloth were dipped in water-diluted white glew and stuck onto. The mountain was made of wrinkled thick paper. A basic painting has been done but it remains to put on final paint and turf and build the castle and station. Track is mainly flexi track.

Here you can see the basic structure built up with pieces of corrugated paper from boxes.
Layout size: 30x120 cm.
Switchback tracks are 20 cm long, switches 10 cm.
The three tracks going upwards are 50-60 cm, with 5-7 per cent grades.
First swichback at heigth: +3 cm
Second switchback at heigth: +7 cm
Upper station at height: +10 cm
  Three stages in the construction of the rigth section.
    The castle will stand on the cliff to the right.

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Last updated 19 January 2003