Visby, Sweden - Zigzag down to the Harbour , Bo Justusson
In Visby there was a zigzag line from the station (at height 35 metre) down to the harbour. This is an example of a local zigzag in contrast to zigzags along a railway line. Such local zigzags can be found in e.g. industry locations.

Gauge was 891 mm (3 Swedish feet). All railway lines on Gotland are now closed, but a short museum railway exists:
- Gotland Hesselby Railway in Dalhem,   Startpage in English
Visby Visby is an old town situated on the large island Gotland in the Baltic Sea. In medieval age it was an important trading center ruled by the Hansa trading organisation. From 1645 Gotland belongs to Sweden. To-day Visby is a thriving city with many tourists in summer time. Visby has a very well-preserved wall around the old centre.
Map Map showing the line from station (elevation 39 metre) down to cement works and harbour.  
The zigzag down the hill side.

Old photo, reproduced from Rolf Sten's website.
  Hill side, photo from further south


A large collection of photos from Visby in oldtimes is presented in the book
"Visby förr i tiden" (Visby in oldtimes) by Waldemar Falck (Hanseproduktion, Uddevalla 1989, ISBN 91-85716-51-0).

Visby museum has made the whole collection available on Internet: Startpage for Visby in oldtimes (in Swedish)
Below we reproduce a few photos from the collection in smaller sizes to give you a impression of what is available.
  Visby town wall (east side)

Visby station
Smallest and largest engines
Visby harbour

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