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Help The other pages have their own links and references. This page contains some complementary ones.
I also would like to ask you for help with some topics that I have not found complete answers for:
    - Old railway photos; Are there any good archives on the web?
    - Railways in South America, especially zigzag photos for Tren a las Nubes.
    - Logging lines with zigzags in USA; Reference to some good overview? Some line with extremely many zigzags?
    - Origin of the old photos from Darjeeling, and photos of zigzags/loops not yet covered.
    - The US word switchback is sometimes used for a single switch in a zigzag, but mostly for a pair of switches. Can someone clarify the definitions?
    - More model railways with zigzags.

If you have such information or some other comments, please inform me:
Many thanks to those who have helped me with this website:
   - Carl Arendt, for helpful tips and nice images

From Rob Dickinson's International Steam Pages - Books:
    - Rowe, Trevor (199x) The Railways of South America, Locomotives International, ISBN : 1-900340-10-0.
    - Fawsett (199x) Railways of the Andes, Plateway Press (224 pages, 122 pictures) (first ed. 1963, now second ed.)
    - Stones (199x) International Railways over the Andes, P.E. Waters & Associates (80 pages, 116 b&w photos, 18 maps)
A word of warning. It was pointed out in a review of one of these books that it can be very frustrating to read them; Seeing all those big beautiful steam engines struggling up the mountains just a few years ago. You could have been there to see them, if only...., but it is too late now.

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