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Wales VFR Flights in FSX - More Info - ver 0.3 BETA, 15 April 2016

Here you will find a more details about the suggested flights, and some extra material.

Tours in Wales - What to see

Tour 1. Around Isle of Anglesey, ~60NM
Tour 2. Up to Snowdon mountain - through its three valleys
Tour 3. Northern Coast - from RAF Valley to Hawerden/Chester, ~60NM
Tour 4. Navigation inland: Hawarden - west-south-east-south - Welshpool
Tour 5. A railway flight to five preserved rwy
Tour 6. Around Pembroke - tidal sands, lighthouses, refineries
Tour 7. Southern coast - Cardiff-Swansea-Pembrey, 46NM
Tour 8. Navigation inland between castles - Pembrey - Brecon Beacon - Shobdon

Details about the Flights

Tour 1. Around Isle of Anglesey, ~60NM

Start at EGCK Caernarfon Rwy 8 - fly NE 10NM to C. town & castle,   and +5NM Beaumarais castle -
  +  3NM at cape with lighthouse, turn to NW and continue along the coast, over land! -
  +10NM If over land you will see three large wind farms. -
  +15NM Holyhead town and mountain, turn SE.   +7NM and pass RAF base Valley. -
  +10NM back to EGCK Caernarfon and land on Rwy 20, or fly north 7NM to EGOQ Mona Rwy 4.
  Remark: Up to 7 golf courses can be found along the track.

Tour 2. Up to Snowdon mountain

Start at EGCK Caernarfon Rwy 8. Fly northeast heading, hdg=
High peaks, valleys, small lakes, slate quarries, makes it fun just to fly criss-cross.
Some objects to look out for:
- quarries in
- lakes
- foot-paths
- railway line to Snowdon top

It is quite challenging to fly in and out of valleys with small aircrafts -
- it needs good handling to avoid colliding with mountain sides!

Tour 3. Northern Coast - from RAF Valley to Hawerden/Chester, ~60NM

Start at RAF Valley - fly E 10NM to Bangor and continue along the coast -
  + 10NM large Penmaenmawr quarry, diorite for ballast, circle around the hilltop! -
  +   5NM to Conwy with medieval town walls 1.3km, and Conwy castle -
  +   Lies next to Llandudno cape with high cliffs and town
      Far out in the sea you can see very large wind farms.
  + 10NM Rhuddlan recreation park with large racetrack -
  +   7NM to cape Point of Ayr, there turn to SE and set NDB to 340kHz, Hawarden -
  + 15NM land at EGNR Hawarden Rwy23, with PAPI landing lights.
  Remark: PAPI has 4 lights: 2 red + 2 white = on glidepath, more reds=too low, more whites=too high.

Tour 4. Navigation inland: Hawarden - west-south-east-south - Welshpool

This tour zig-zags Wales inland and requires active navigation. Get heading (hdg) for next waypoint (wp) from a map, and calculate time to wp from distance and speed.

- Start at Hawarden, fly west hdg= xx deg, aiming at Brenig Reservoir (lake), dist=20NM.
- After 10NM you pass recreation area Moel Fammau?, then +10NM to Brenig.
- At Brenig turn south to Bala lake hdg= , dist=12NM.
  South of Bala Lake lies the summit Aran Fawddwy 907m, but we turn east
- turn east to Langollen with Chirk Castle, dist =
- South and direction Welshpool airfield.
- Afet xNM Criggion secret radio station with its 5 masts! It was in operation from WW2 until 2001.
At Welshpool you can see Powis castle.

Tour 5. A railway flight

I this flight you will followt four famous preserved railway lines. Start from EGFA Aberporth at the northern Pembrokeshire coast, Rwy N. Fly north 25NM to Aberystwith and take east along
- Vale of Rheidol railway, 8NM, then back to the coast, and fly 10NM to:
- Talallyn Railway - N.B. it is not the first large valley, but a second smaller one. Length 5NM, you may see Castell-y-Bere ruin at the end.
- Then 20NM north to Porthmadog and follow Ffestiniog Railway up to the large quarries at Ff. Navigate to Snowdon Summit and go down alogn:
- Snowdon Mountain railway . One can see both the footpath and the railway track up to the top!
Finish at Caerfarnon airfield.

Tour 6. Around Pembroke - tidal sands, lighthouses, refineries

Start at EGFH Haverfordwest Rwy 27 (NDB 328kHz) and fly north to the coast
    (or start at Aberworth and fly west)
- +xxNM Fishguard harbour, wavebreaker with lighthouse (lh).
- west to Strumble Head (lh), then southwest to small island South Bishop (NDB 290.5, will help).
- into land to see St.David cathedral and monestary
- south to Skokholm (lh), and east into Milford Haven bay (more lh:s).
- in Milford Haven several refineries (modelled by nn???)
- continue east and pass Caldey island, and land at Pembrey airport.

Tour 7. Southern coast - Cardiff-Swansea-Pembrey, 46NM

Start at large Cardiff airport Rwy30, fly west along the coast.
  +3NM St.Athan RAF airbase. Will be turned civilian in 2019.
  +4NM Nash Point lighthouse
  +7NM Portcawl lighthouse on a pier.
  +6NM Port Talbot with harbour and heavy industries: steelworks, power stations, gas plant.
    Most polluted area in Wales! Turn west to leave!
  +5NM Mumbles Head with lighthouse + fort, then golf courses and sand beaches
  +4NM Swansea airport, seen inland
  +7NM Worms Head a long and narrow cliff (no lh), then fly north.
  +10NM land at EGFP Pembrey airfield, Rwy 22. NDB 341 kHz.
- It is easy to follow the coast, but bays and capes look very similar.
Use your watch to judge how far you have come, total time is 25 to 30 minutes, ~2 NM/min! - One can of course fly in the opposite direction.

Tour 8. Navigation inland between castles - Pembrey - Brecon Beacon - Shobdon

Start at Pmembrey - pass Kidwelly castle - navigate to Carrey Cennen Castle at Trepp -
- find the small myth-laden glacial lake Llyn y Fan Fach
- then to summit Pen y fan 886m (flat-topped), highest in South Wales, with famous view over lake Cribyn.
- to Raglan castle, 10NM north Newport
- turn north over Black Mountains (ripples!), can you find Llantony Priory ruin?
- follow the valley NNW over Gospel Pass and down to Hay-on-Wye, a small town
    known for its many second-hand bookshops and Literature Festival!
- then navigate north and land on Shobdon airfield
- or south to Cardiff if you prefer cities, may see Caerphilly castle from above, no model.

Settings in FSX for Just Flight's VFR Real Sceneries

Four volumes:
- Vol 1. South East England,
- Vol 2. Central & Southern England,
- Vol 3. Wales & South West England - with large rural areas in Wales!
- Vol 4. Northern England - with large rural areas in Lake District!
Link to pdf-manual: • VFR Real Scenery Vol.3

The sceneries contain both air photo images for textures, and
digital elevation data, 10m mesh. Recommended settings:
  - Level of Detail radius - Large
  - Mesh complexity - 100
  - Mesh Resolution - 10 m
  - Texture Resolution - 1 m
  - Water effects - High 1.x or High 2.x
  - Scenery complexity - very sparse
  - Autogen density - none

Quarries in Wales - some examples - [To be edited]

1. Penrhyn Quarry - the World's largest ~1900. Still largest in Britain, 1.6 km long, 370m deep, 200 workers.
In Snowdon, 3 NM southeast Bangor. Produces 85% of all slate from Wales.

2. Cilgwyn quarry, oldest in Wales.
north edge of the Nantlle Vale, in North Wales. (near Dorothea q.)

3. Dorothea Quarry - largest slate quarry in the area, seized 1970, now flooded to a deep lake.
5NM south of Caernarfon, 53.054194, -4.243437.

4. Llanberis slate quarry, Llanberis, near Gwynedd, Wales.

5. Dinorwic slate quarry, Gwynedd, Llanberis.
- home to the National Slate Museum. 53.126111,-4.098056

6. Cwt-y-Bugail Slate Quarry, North Wales. Active to-day - Bangor Blue Slate Company.
Was once connected to the Festiniog railway. 3.0033, -3.889
7. Ffestionog - large and with old preserved railway.

8. Penmaenmawr granite quarries, old and present. Railway ballast until 2008, then quarry mothballed by Hanson UK Co. in Heidelberg Cement Group. Concrete and asphalt plants continues.


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