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Fly Vintage Night Mail Routes in X-Plane 11, with e.g. Junkers F13.
  Lighted Airways in Sweden, Denmark, Finland - NEW April 17, 2019

In the 1930s there was a wide network of lighted airways in Europe.
With my addons for X-Plane 11 you can revive night flights in
a Junkers F13 aircraft with basic or advanced instruments.
- Add to realism with old airports by Leif Ohlsson: Torslanda, Bulltofta, Bromma old, Kastrup old,...
- Turn off modern street lights, and add old NDBs,...

- It is a real challenge to fly without modern tools in pitch dark nights!

What you need

Old aircraft
• Junkers_F13_BJ_ver2019a.zip
or Ju-52, DC-3, see
• Vintage aircraft page
Light beacon scenery
- XP11 by Bo Ju (also old NDBs)
• ES_Old_Beacons_ver2019b.zip
Maps for planning, see
• Maps Southern Scandinavia
For more realism:
- Old airports by Leif Ohlsson
  (zip-file here, not ready yet)
  (• Recreating old flights, Leif Ohlsson)

- Street lights off, and reduce stars
  (see beacon zip-file).

Aircraft Junkers F13

Junkers F13 mail flight in Sweden 1928

  - Click for larger images! -
Ju-F13 in X-Plane 11, Jacques Brault's model, Swedish texture by Bo Justusson

Junkers F13 cockpits

JuF13 1920s - with basic instruments.
2D cockpit by Bo Justusson, based on RIMOWA replica, see • Links
Start procedure: Battery ON, Magnetos Both, Start button.
Remark: Rotating steering wheel, and left/right views.
  JuF13 1930s - with more advanced instruments:
  Gyro-type artificial horizon and turn&slip, and also Variometer.
  NDB-radio - your radio operator "tells you" bearing to NDB and its ID,
  plus a NDB-homing indicator, above horizon.
Late evening, north of Halmstad, two light beacons visible.
Weak lights in cockpit and scenery - sim-fly in a dark room!

zip-file contains files in a dir "Junkers F13" with 3 sub-dirs.
Copy dir "Junkers F13" into your dir: "XP11/Aircrafts/".

Variants, in sub-dirs:
- "Ju_F13b_1920s_BJ" - basic cockpit instruments,
      3 textures: Swedish(default), German, Neutral.
- "Ju_F13b_1930s_BJ" - more advanced instruments,
      3 textures, same.
- "Ju_F13m_Brault_McLeod" - Jacques Brault's original model,
      to XP11 by Sean McLeod, German texture, simple cockpit.

For other night mail aircrafts in X-Plane, see
  • Links below for Ju-52 and DC-3

Scenery addons for light beacons and NDBs

1930s Light beacons in Sweden,Denmark,Finland
- I have made a scenery file(dir) "ES 1930s beacons", put it in
  dir: XP11/Custom Scenery/.
It contains all light beacons in Sweden, Denmark, Åland-Finland. Shown with X-Plane object: airport_beacon_big.

Beacon.   Light beacons, Scandinavia.     Map, NDBs 1955.
Remove road lights
- X-Plane has an error in showing street lighting also outside towns.
  Very bad for 1930s-1950s sceneries!
- I made a scenery file that hides roads in Southern Scandinavia.
  File "ES 1930s Roads&Lights Off" - place it in:
  dir: XP11/Custom Scenery/.
  But remove it when you want to see Roads, daytime!

  - Click for larger images! -

1950s NDBs in Sweden and on routes into Denmark,Finland
Put my file user_nav.dat in dir: XP11/Custom Data/. It will add old NDBs: 24 in Sweden, 3 in SE Denmark, 2 in SW Finland.
- X+ID: I have added "X" to NDB IDs to distinguish old NDBs from existing ones.
See maps below. Source is "Airways Map 1955".


Reduce stars  (not necessary)
XP11 shows many stars, even with total overcast!
You can turn stars OFF by renaming earth_astro.dat to .OFF, or reduce number of stars with 100x weaker earth_astro.dat file made by Robin A. Peel in StarBrights-addon.
Dir: XP11/Resources/default data/


Maps for planning of flights in Sweden, Denmark, Åland-Finland
See Planning page with these maps

SW Sweden

Lighted Airways, map 1944
NDB Airways, map 1955
NDBs 1950s,

Or use route maps from 1930s, see  Flygkartor/ Aviation maps

Sources. Links.

Links to more History:

X-Plane 11 Manuals


If you have tried my addons then please send me an e-mail with your experiences.
I will be greatful for all comments and corrections!

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