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Planning Night Mail Flights - Maps, NDB freqs,... - NEW April 17, 2019
  Lighted Airways in Sweden, Denmark, Finland

In the 1930s there was a wide network of lighted airways in Europe.
With my addons for X-Plane 11 you can revive night flights in
a Junkers F13 aircraft with basic or advanced equipment.
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    Junkers F13, Light beacon scenery, NDBs 1950s,...

Maps for planning of flights in Sweden, Denmark, Åland-Finland

SW Sweden - Gothenburg to Malmö & Copenhagen

Some suggestions:

1. Ju-F13 1920s with basic instruments. Add a little tubulence.
  - Fly in the evening following light beacons.

2. Ju-F13 1930s with artificial horizon and variometer.
  - Fly in very dark night, follow light beacons.

3. Ju-F13 1930s plus NDBs - set weather to clouds,rain,short-view.
  - Fly towards NDBs using homing instrument.

Airfields: Use small or medium-sized airfields since their light equipment is more like what was available in 1930s-1950s.

4. Challenging flight: Use Ju-F13 1920s, dark night, road lights off, and start at a small airfield. - You will then have very few visual references. Climb slowly! Turn gently!

Denmark - Kastrup to Rodbyhavn

  - Click for larger images -

Sweden-Åland-Finland - Stockholm to Åbo/Turku
- Note that distances between light beacons are greater here: 40-60km.
  You will see only one beacon at a time, and often no beacon at all, then keep correct heading.
- There was a light beacon in Helsinki too, but the ones leading there, in Salo and Lojo, were never built.

Lighted airways and NDB airways - maps, frequencies

Navigation evolved during 1940s and 1950s
You can fly Stockholm-Malmö via Jönköping using light beacons, but not using NDBs, since those were installed only on the direct route Stockholm-Malmö, see these official maps.

Airways 1930s-1940s in Sweden, map from 1944

    - Click for larger images -
Airways 1950s with NDBs, map from 1955

NDBs 1950s as in user_nav.dat file i XP11
You can also see NDBs inside X-Plane:
Press M to pop-up navigation map and zoom in and click on NDB.
You may even let XP set the frequency!

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If you have tried my addons then please send me an e-mail with your experiences.
I will be greatful for all comments and corrections!

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