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Modern Trainer Aircrafts have Computerized Cockpits,
- and Simulation gets Airborne

NEW May 2021 • New trainer for Swedish Air Force: Grob 120TP for Basic Flight Training,
  and for Tactical Flight Training two-seated JAS 39D will be used.

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My addons for BFDG X-Plane 11 Embraer Super Tucano.

Latest Trainer Aircraft Models

Modern Fighters
Modern fighter aircrafts have computerized cockpits with HUD and three large computer screens. Pilots need lots of training in handling these complex systems. Since flight hours are very expensive, much training is done in ground-based simulators.

Modern Trainers
Latest trend is to equip trainer aircrafts with complex cockpits and powerful computers. Pilots can then train system handling in a flying aircraft. Using simulator software during flight, one can emulate radar screens and weapon handling, doing ground-attacks, or even multi-plane combats via GPS-positions and data links.

    - Simulation gets airborne! -

Air Force Sweden, Flygvapnet, shall buy turboprop trainers for basic training, • Links, and use two seat 39D Gripen for advanced training. SwAF has 12 39D.

It will be interesting to see what systems SwAF will use.

- Click for larger images! -

T-6C Texan II cockpit, photo Textron Aviation

T-6A, photo USAF. • Texan II, wiki
Fuselage was based on Pilatus PC-9.

T-6B and T-6C, both with glass cockpits, are
used by e.g. US Navy, UK, New Zeeland.

Pilatus PC-21 cockpit, photo Defence Pakistan.

Pilatus PC-21, photo wiki. • Pilatus PC-21, wiki

Used by e.g. Switzerland, France, Spain, Pakistan.
 Smaller, lighter planes - added May 7, 2020

For the Swedish Air Force also smaller planes are considered. The specs for a new trainer has moderate requirements on speed etc. and side-by-side cockpit is considered a benefit.

- Grob G 120TP from Grob Aircraft, Germany.
 (info from user Meteor, in forum.soldf.com)

- Diamond Dart from Diamond Aircraft, Austria.
 (info from Alexander Thörn, SFF Forum).

  - se • Links
Grob G 120TP from Grob Aircraft
• Grob G 120TP, Wiki

Side-by-side cockpit with modern EFIS.
No HUD or UFCP, here. HUD emulated in a screen,...

Used e.g. in UK and USA, for basic training.
Diamond Dart from Diamond Aircraft

The aircrat is in a development stage.
Tandem-cockpit with ejection seats.

Light Attack
Several trainer models have been modified for combined use as light attack aircrafts, e.g.

Embraer A-29 Super Tucano, EMB 314
• Super Tucano, wiki

Weapons: guns, rockets, bombs, robots, flares, chaffs.
Note the protection shields below cockpit.

Model A-29B is two-seated, and A-29A is single-seated with a large tank in "back-seat", 400L.

Embraer Super Tucano, in Afganistan, photo USAF

Used by e.g. Brazil, Colombia, Chile, US/Afganistan.

Embraer A-29, cockpit, photo FAB, Forca Aerea Brasileira

Earlier version,
photo jetphotos.com.

Autopilot R/P-button, usage?
Important properties
These turboprop trainers are much closer to modern fighter jets than old propeller trainers:

  - modern glass cockpits,
  - can simulate weapons and radar,
  - pressurized cockpits, oxygen systems,
  - high g-forces, ejection seats,
  - large and heavy, gas turbine,...
Performance, typical values
Engines, Pratt & Whitney PT6-nn
                 G-120TP / PC-29 / T-6C  / A-29 
- Engine power:     340  /  1200 /  810  / 1200 kW 
- Max speed:        450  /   690 /  580  /  590 km/h
- Weight, empty:   1100  /  2270 / 2340  / 3200 kg
- Weight, max:     1500  /  4250 / 3130  / 5400 kg
- g-forces:   ca  +7g to -3g  
Sweden: present old trainer SAAB 105,
and two-seat JAS 39D Gripen.
  Sweden:     SAAB 105  /  JAS39D 
- Engine           2x9  /  54 (81) kN
- Max speed:       890  /  2200+  km/h
- Weight, empty:  2850  /  7100   kg
- Weight, max:    4635  / 14000   kg
- g-forces:  +6g to -3g / +9g to -3g  

PC Simulator Models of Trainers - for XP11, FSX, P3D

A. BFDG: Embraer A-29 Super Tucano, X-Plane 11
  - fun to fly and fire weapons, cockpit fairly good

• Link: X-Plane.org , price 28$

Developer's page, Chuck Amaral - very skilled!

I like this model and have made some addons:
My addon-page with files and manual
They make guns,bombs,flares,chaffs easy to use, and improve cockpit functions.

- Click for larger images! -

BFDG Super Tucano - Menu for outer changes.
. With my addons you can use guns,flares,chaffs,bombs

Scenery is Orbx TrueEarth GB, Scotland, Wales

Cockpit: HUD, two EFIS with PFD, Eng, Map, Wpn

WARNING Do not visit www.xplanebrasil.org
- it has been hacked!, and redirects to a dangerous site.
B. IRIS: Pilatus PC-21, FSX, P3D
  - cockpit functions very good, thick manual

Detailed and fully functional. Trainer, no weapons.
IRIS simulations, Airforce Series, 21-Driver, 30$
- IRIS-sim Sale 0.0$ - April 24 to June 1, 2020 -

Interesting video by Gunther Willems, 34min
He is a pro-pilot, and is very fond of this sim-model.
Video shows details about cold start, autopilot, landing.
Second video: flightplan, CDU, waypoints, 28min

Pilatus PC-21 in FSX, P3D. Images from FSX, Bo JU.

Scenery Orbx FTX Eng.

Detailed cockpit: three EFIS screens, and HUD+CDU
C. IRIS: T-6B, T-6C, Texan II, for FSX, P3D
  - cockpit functions very good, thick manual

Detailed and fully functional. Trainer, no weapons.
IRIS simulations, Training, Texan driver, 30$
- IRIS-sim Sale 0.0$ - April 24 to June 1, 2020 -

Remark. Flight properties in FSX are always too stable, XP11 is more realistic, I think.

T-6C Texan II, from XP11 by Bo Ju.

Detailed cockpit: 3 EFIS screens, HUD+CDU, Bo Ju
D. Embraer A-29B Super Tucano for FSX by Tim Conrad, updated 2013?, free, 81MB.

• Download at simviation.com

- Cockpit has two EFIS screens with PFD and ENG, and a nice HUD. Limited functionality. Weapons can be put in place. ENG screen can be changed to a simulated Radar.

Tim Conrad's Super Tucano, Brazil. Cockpit 3D and 2D.

RCAF livery, fictional!
E. T-6B Texan II for XP11 from Flite Advantage

• Flite Advantage, T-6B, Beta 99$
High quality.   (not tested by me)

Their model of a civilian T-6A is used in real pilot training

Flite Advantage: Very detailed models!

Cockpit T-6B Texan II
F. Grob
I have not been able to find a good sim-model of latest Grob version 120PT, which has retractable gear and glass cockpit with 2+2 MFD-screens. (2020-05-06)

IRIS-sim: Grob G115E/Tutor T.1 for FSX,P3D
- G115E is an earlier model from Grob with
traditional instruments and non-retractable gear.
(not tested by me)

• FSX Grob 120 AF, by Patrick Le Luyer, free on AVSIM
2013, 30 MB. Looks fairly basic (not tested by me).

• Tutor 115E, X-Plane.org

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Aircraft Manufacturers

Swedish Air Force, SwAF, Flygvapnet

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