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Vintage Aircrafts in Flight Simulators - FSX and XP11

It is interesting to test old-timer aircrafts in sims!

Microsoft FS2004 "A Century of Flight" had several old aircrafts, mainly from US. We list them below, with some European additions. Both FSX and XP11 versions.

Aircraft info: Wikipedia, and FS2004 Manual,pdf.
FSX: The 9 historic aircrafts in FS2004 were not included in FSX, but can be downloaded from several sim-websites, see Links below.

- Try to find an FSX-modified version. They have added "thumbnail.jpg"-images in texture-folders, and solved windscreen-blur and missing parts in 3D cockpits.

= I have tested and like this model.

Historic civilian aircrafts - pre 1939

Aircraft Facts. Cockpit Downloads for FSX, XP11 To-day
Wright Flyer
1903. First controlled engined flight, only 40m, but soon much longer flights - in 1905 39km!
  • Wiki

  - Click for larger images! -
FS2004. ---
Blériot VIII and XI, EU+

Images Castagné-model
1908 Blériot VIII. First plane with joystick and pedals. 1909 B.XI crossed English Channel.
  • Wiki

FSX: • bleriot-11-en.blogspot.com, detailed model by Jean-Michel Castagné

AFS2: • Bleriot XI, by K. Kaniewski.
Several flying copies exist, here Michael Carlson's
Curtiss JN-4, "Jenny"
1916. First massproduced aircraft in USA, 6800 built. School plane in USA during WW1, then air mail and air shows.
  • Wiki

Remark: US Mail soon switched to Airco DH 4, a WW1 light bomber.

FSX update by David Grindele, 32MB
    at Flightsim.com or simviation.com
    David has made many such updates!
Junkers F13, EU+

Images Brault,Justusson-model.
1919. First all-metal civil aircraft. 322 built.
Used in Sweden for first air mail flights down to Europe, and flights to Finland.
  • Wiki

XP11: F13-model by Jacques Brault, with old cockpit by Bo Ju.
Ver. "1920s" with basic instruments, and ver. "1930s" with IFR and NDB homing. See my page • Night Mail Flights

FS2004: • Ju F13, Graig Richardsson, AVSIM.

- More models for larger Ju-W33,W34. One at my page:
  • NDB navigation, DC3, Ju-W33
Ford 4-AT Tri-Motor
All-metal plane, 1927, "Tin Goose". First US plane built directly for passenger service. Used on many routes. Only 199 built.
  • Wiki

• FSX update by David Grindele, flyawaysimulation 48MB

XP11: • Ford Trimotor, by TedCook Prod., 20$, store.x-plane.org
Junkers Ju-52/3m EU+

Images from oliXsim
German all-metal plane, 1932. 4845 built. Used by many countries. Also as seaplane, e.g. ABA Stockholm-Finland!
  • Wiki

German instruments: Remote compass with heading indicator, NDB homing:
F2004: • Ju-52 by Oliver Fisher, free, 35MB,
  repaints exist for e.g. ABA SE-AFD orange, FV Tp 5, see • Links.
• FSX update files, 0.7MB, zip, ver 2019-06-14

XP11: • Ju-52 by oliXsim, 62MB, 20euro, info by Edmund Moser
  buy at X-Plane.org or simmarket.com.
  Review: • Jonas Lapp, simflight.de, with video

(XP9,10 only: • Ju-52 by Paolo, X-Plane.org, 16MB, free, repaints.)

 Douglas DC-3, C-47 Dakota
All metal plane, 1936, with very modern design and construction.

Ca 800 produced before WW2, and ca 15000 as cargo plane C-47 during WW2.

  • Wiki

Advanced instruments: IFR, autopilot, ADF:
Many, many DC-3 sim-models! And repaints, e.g. Daisy, Congo Queen.
FS2004,FSX - Microsofts DC-3 in both!

FSX: • MAAM Mid Atlantic Air Museum, sim-packages

FSX: • DC-3,C-47 by Manfred Jahn et.al.

XP11: • DC-3,C-47 by Aeroworx, X-plane.org, 106MB free.
  - based on Manfred Jahn's FSX model.
• Repaints: Swedish ABA and SAS, by Leif Ohlsson, 43MB zip

XP11: DC-3,C-47 by VSkyLabs, ver 2.8, store.x-plane.org, $27
- advanced failure systems, amphibious version, VR-ready, many textures, project updates,...
Some other interesting vintage aircrafts available in sims:
DH89 Dragon Rapide, UK

Grumman G-21 Goose, in FSX
Lockheed Electra, mod 10 or 12

Fokker VII, Dutch


Market places with freewares and paywares. Search for specific models, or "vintage".
To get very fast downloads of freeware, you can buy some kind of membership.

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