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MSFS Addon - Early Water Airports in Scandinavia, around 1930
   - New ver 0.5,  April 25, 2023       (Coming soon: 8 more in Sweden after 1945!)

Water airportes for MSFS - 9 old in Scandinavia

Ver 0.5: - Improved exit from Lindaränge to the sea. - Permission obtained for converted aircrafts and cars as static objects. - Scenery sent to flightsim.to, hoping for publication. - Since before: static planes (Ju F13, Do Wal, Ju-52), old cars, buildings, see e.g. Kastrup-Old.

DOWNLOAD: • wbj_water_airports_ver0.5.zip

zip file contains three directories:
which you shall copy to your Community-directory.

N.B. If you have used ver0.4, then delete old directories:
bj-airports-water-nordic-old, bj-lib-water-models, bj-lib-water-models-planes.

Comments wanted!
- about errors, strange parts, suggestions, wishes,
- send to: justusXownit.nu - change X to @

Oldest:  Junkers F13 and Ju 52, Dornier J Wal,
  by Oliver Mosel, buy at MSFS Marketplace.

Around WWII:  Grumman Goose and DHC-2 Beaver, free.

Modern: Zlin Shock Ultra (easiest), Icon A5, CubCrafter XCub, Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Pilatus PC-6 Porter.

I recommed Ju-52!, price 15 €
Start from water airport in addon:
- Cold start: '1' in water (dock_GA), or '2' om land
- Rwy-start, engines running!

"Parking brakes" - not for seaplanes!
  The plane moves by engine power and by wind.
  - ActivePause stops the plane. Still functioning are e.g.:
   Start engine with Ctrl-E. Stop with Shift-Ctrl-E.

"Drone -flying" - click 'Ins' for On,Off.
  Move around with keys:  W,S forth,back.  A,D left,right.
   R,F up,down.    Num-4,6 turn left,right.

Some Start Alternatives:
- From land to water
   Sart from land-ramp2. Drive plane into water, pull gear up (G), fly away.
- From water to land
   After water-landing: drive plane to shore, put gear down (G), drive up on land.
- IRL: In real life one often used small wagons and winches.

Sim Properties - Addons

- Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - has best landscape.
- Landing in rough sea too easy.
- Carriers only in fixed positions. (2022 Jan)

• MSFS Oldtimer aircrafts with Swedish connection,
   in Swedish, use browser translate function!

Other Simulators
- X-Plane 12
- has better flight characteristics and water interaction than MSFS. - Landing in rough sea difficult.
Scenery Addons, some

- Lighthouses Finland south coast, flightsim.to
- Masts, "We love VFR", flightsim.to
   (Skip buildingcranes, rename .BGL to .BGL.OFF)

- Stockholm/Bromma and POI, Marcus Nyberg, Orbx
- Stockholm, GoogleMaps to MSFS, flightsim.to
- Helsinki, 3D-model from town council, to MSFS, flightsim.to

Extra! - CUSTOM start position from World Map

2. 3. 4.
- Turn plane to good takeoff direction, and then Y for Slew Off
- Fly away.
- Pause if needed.


Last updated April 25, 2023, Bo Justussson, Stockholm
Contact: justusXownit.nu - change X to @