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In the 1920s water airports were used for air routes to Finland and Germany. After opening of Bromma airport in 1936, land planes were used.

Seaplanes continued to be used for rescue, fishing, and tourist flights in northern Sweden. Today replaced by helicopters.

A few aviation clubs have seaplanes and sea flight training.

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Seaplanes in Sweden after WW2 - in common use
- Grumman G-44 Widgeon (1944-)
- Noorduyn Norseman (1944-)
- Piper Cub floats (1944- ?)
- Republic RC-3 Seabee (1946-)
- Cessna 172 floats (1960- ?)
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Seabee, Grumman G44, Noorduyn Norseman


Hägernäs,   Vängsö,   Älvdalen

Åviken,   Porjus,   Kurravaara/Kiruna

Possibly also:   Göviken/Östersund,   Molanda/Åre,   Klimpfjäll/Vilhelmina.

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