Pintsch Beacon Lamps

PINTSCH company in Germany constructed rotating beacon lamps around 1928. They were used i Germanay, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland. For the Finnish beacons there is a more detailed description, see below.

Some preserved Pintsch beacons

Denmark - Preserved in TL-terminal on Kastrup airport. On its rescuing, see:
› beacon DK01u Ullerup (Sw.)
Finland - Preserved at Finlad Flight Museum, at Vanda airport, Helsinki. see also: › beacon F01 Mariehamn Germany - Beacon lamps on control towers in Essen-Mülheim and Loemühle. The Mülheim beacon was there already in the 1930s.
  photo by Poul Broholm.
  photo by Juha Klemettinen.
  ↑ photo by Günther Pilger.
  ↓ Loemühle, airport's photo:

Detailed photos of the beacon lamp at Finland Flight Museum, Helsinki

Red top lamp: It blinked Morse-letters to identify each beacon:
M(--)= Mariehamn,  K(-.-)= Kumlinge,
I(..)= Iniö,   T(-)= Turku/Åbo,

The beacon in Suomenlinna church, Helsinki, still uses Morse-blinking:
- white blinks H(....) every 15 secs.

Upper black part with two fixed lamps: They shined along the air route, ± 3.5°, medium strong lamps.

Large rotating lamp: It had beams in two directions, with very strong intensity, 8 secs for 360° turn, giving 0.1 sec blink every 4  secs.

Fabrication sign:
    Type DL 150/2
    Fabr.Nr. 414 |  A -
    Frequ. 50 ~  |  V 220/55"

Remark. It was 220V current for rotation,
and 55V for strong lamp, see below.

Photos by Juha Klemettinen,

Remark. For the Swedish AGA air light beacons, one used a color system for identification. On its top, the beacon had a small window with lighted glass-plates with differing color combinations of red, blue, yellow etc.

Old photos from the Netherlands in 1930, and from Finland in 1938

Pintsch beacon photo, 1930 the Netherlands

Left photo is from an old article about the first route with air light beacons in the Netherlands, reaching from Amsterdam to Hannover.

PINTSCH-lamp for air beacon. The large lamp had 1500 W, 55 Volt, and gave 40.000 Hefner candles. There was an automatic switch for a spare lamp

The above-mentioned article was published in 1930 at the "First International Conference on Air Safety" in Paris, by P. van Braam van Vloten.
See my webpage on › Air light beacons Amsterdam - Hannover.
Advertisement from Helsinki Airport Yearbook 1938, scanned by Raine Haikarainen,   Text:

"For the lighting of air route Mariehamn-Turku, the PINTSCH company did have full responsability.
Lighting equipment for air traffic services
Telko Oy Inc., Helsinki"
Advertisement, 1938, Finland


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