Video for Pintsch Beacon Lamp at Essen-Mülheim Airport

PINTSCH company in Germany constructed rotating beacon lamps around 1928. They were used i Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland. See my • "Pintsch-page"

Here videos by Johann Törner from Essen-Mülheim airport, and some old photos from the airfield.

Pintsch light beacon - videos by Johann Törner

Photo: Beacon on tower in Essen/Mülheim airport.

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Rotating Pintsch light beacon, video MP4 23 secs, Johann Törner 2020-02-04 - Windy!

Photo: The driving mechanism. A. Electric motor, B. worm drive, C. cogwheel drive, D. vertical axis for lamp.

Detail of rotation mechanism, video MP4 22 secs, Johann Törner 2020-02-04

The beacon was replaced by a new one in 2005, same type!
See "History" below. Same type for 95 years - remarkable!

Photo: Manfacturing plate

Essen-Mülheim Airport - History

The airport opened in 1925. - Note the light beacon!

Reference and image-source:
• Historische Orte: Der Flughafen Essen-Mülheim (de)  (• pdf copy)

Above Junker F13, D 420 ("Seeadler", built 1923, to Lufthansa 1926, engine BMW IV 220/250 hp, see ref. "Junkers F13").

Below an early freight plane, D 900 or 906,
  in Lufthansa colors, model Fokker F.III (correct ?)
In 1934 a new terminal building in functionalist design was ready. Still preserved, at least in parts. The light beacon was moved to new tower roof, where it still stands. In total 95 years with the same type of Pintsch light!
Above: Junkers Ju-52, D-ARY.

Below: D ???, OK-ABT (DK-ABT?) -Aircraft models?

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Maps - Today and 1937

Map image saved from Google Maps. - • Link to Google Maps
Essen/Mülheim is today used for general aviation, smaller aircrafts.
Nearest large airport is Düsseldorf International Airport, 20 km.

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Map from 1937 for light beacon routes in Central Europe.
Essen-Mülheim was near one of the routes.
These routes were used for night air mail through Europe.

Source: Fernmeldebetriebsordnung, FBO, 1937.


• Book "Junkers F13", by Andersson, Endres, Mulder, Ott. (2012) EAM Books.

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